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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Because compromising my freedom is not an option.
It is not something to trade off.
I accepted you in our relationship.
I am a paradise bird. You don't get to search for a paradise bird all your life and punish her because she's not just a bird.
I did all I can to make this work.. And as days are passing by, I am never regretting a thing, because there wasn't a little chance I didn't seize! There wasn't a moment for us I glimpsed over.
Let us slip.
I don't give up. You did. You cornered us into a criss-cross point where minds just freeze and there isn't anything further for us to go beyond! I am sorry.
I am paining. But life decisions can get painful. I did all I can. It was your call this time.
I will leave you with time. Time will eat your brains up, someday.

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Taylor said...

found your blog via sara at one long road. whatever you are going through...good luck. and this is very well written, very poetic. sending good thoughts to you!