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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Be brave.

Life's decisions can be painful.
Sometimes to prove yourself, and live a life that speaks you out isn't always as shiny as it shall sound.
Sometimes you would have to give away precious things to live right. And by right, I mean; To live as who you are and have a life that is dyed by your color. It is nothing short than a brave job. The bravest. Be brave. Be brave.
And here I am, given the choice but I am freezing from future and what might be. And I know I am lucky to wake up on a choice in my early 20s. Some ladies around the world might not be given such an opportunity. But yet, I am her, the little girl.. Shivering with fear on the bathroom floor. 
This is not just a heart matter. It is a battle of  standing out for your individuality, planting and protecting your own garden.
The hardest battle of all.

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