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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Since that we are souls stuck in a humanly experience. We are humans; a self, brain and emotions, cells, vessels, heartbeats, chromosomes, bones, flesh, we are far away from perfect. A self plugged in to Soul, a soul connects you to a higher power leaving you in tranquility -If well maintained. But then again, we are far away from perfect and one of our vehement humanly desires is the desire to ''achieve''. Not ''being'' as in a deeper sense. I am talking about the sense of achievement; striving and getting, be it your work, climbing a mountain, directing a movie, singing a song to a big audience a song that you wrote or even writing an article that you know you will get credit for. Glistening with your talent and hastening your stairway to success and brimming with accomplishments always prove you. Your soul will be always at hunger for the need to achieve and gain. This concept pushes the human race forward (In my opinion) It is an essential pillar of a human's welfare and happiness.Then again, Heaven. What's afterlife's heaven? The ultimate Merit and hilarity. Your wishes embody with a blink of an eye, which all in all contradicts my primarily discussed ''achieving'' concept. Will I still be human in heaven? Will I cease to crave to accomplish? I never ask for an easy life. I like to work my way. How can I be happy in Heaven when it is a promised land of a lay back for a limitless opulence? And more importantly, will there be any ''rivers of happiness'' we drink from? 

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