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Saturday, 4 June 2011

A big crush is developed for heels .. I always liked heels, wore them occasionally though, but flats have suited me real best, I feel classy in flats and comfortable and just me, specifically my new loved moccasins shoes .. So it kind of odd to start developing a crush for heels that I want to wear them all the time especially the chunky heel, is it the feminine fierce in me ? I guess it's more of growing the lady that I am to the woman I should be. I am happy it's getting this way, and I want everything I reblog to be automatically placed to my wardrobe. Also coach designs my taste when it comes to bags and wallets .. Oh along with Marc Jacobs, of course.

(The love!)

(A coach wallet..)

(Uhhh .. THIS for a summer off!)
You can check this.

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