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Saturday, 4 June 2011

I am developing a sense of anger towards my society, not my country but the society, the people and their living patterns.
I want to see more greens and happy people, beautiful happy people in beautiful sense of style and with darling words. I want to go to college everyday because there's beauty out there, a beauty that compels me to get out of my bed and dress up and just be energetic and hopeful to have a full day outdoors. I want to see trees being taken care of, I want to see girls reading in the subway instead of dressing make up like clowns, I want a sense of fashion in them. I want men who are respectful and not disgusting, I want a smooth traffic, or oh wait I can take the traffic but definitely not the condensed horns nor the tensed angry drivers who curse their lives and I can't take the dorky driving or parking skills. But trust me a traffic of rules can be taken!
I want clean streets with Ice cream van and of bike lanes. I want Egyptian women to be free in their own country, I want safe streets .. Streets you can take long walks in without having to worry about getting harassed or even worse, getting kidnapped or robbed. I want to acknowledge awareness when interacting with an average Egyptian. I want knowledge to become an essential trait in the mindsets and an ambition to transcend is planted in souls.
I want some HOPE in everyday's life.

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