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Monday, 29 June 2009

To every Egyptian lady!

What a lovely morning, I opened my room's window breathe into the morning's breeze, and swept the dust from my keyboard buttons and finally I decided to start writing my series of articles about Egyptian women tracing their way to independence; I decided there will be no more delays to scream through words to assure women of my kind and specifically of my age not to accept abusing from their men.

Due my last month, I've been suffering a heart break although it didn't worth crying over for many but I chose to collapse inside out instead of repressing my storm of anger and sadness, I believe that my relationship with him was phenomenal it contained the oriented meaning of understanding respect safeness and chemistry I believed that we both had the same vision for our future, and I've always had his strength in my soul and his soul in my eyes. His giant dreams attuned with mine he was not like any Egyptian man…he promoted his woman's success before his he wanted her comfort and happiness even if it is on his expense he loved unconditionally he put his skills, potentials and talents at her disposal and I shall write a book about him. Because that's how the relationship should go like; our strong mountains are there to smolder our wandering souls and fear our fears, our men are there to protect and secure our being and shelter our insecurities.

And now let us up-close and personal the mind of every Egyptian man and before you continue reading just be sure that what I am going to expose are not paradoxes but rather true facts about our men, I know they are ugly and I know they are disappointing but I've to edify your brains and traumatize your oblivion for your rights in the relationship for I want every lady to put herself in the high pedestal she really deserves and I don't want any lady aging from 18-21 to compromise in any mean for her man unless he does first and I don't even want any lady to lower her benchmark or to settle for less in hitching her big fish.

I'll start with an evocation to Marwa Rakha's quote when she said; "is it growing up or growing desperate that drove us so far down the ladder of expectations".
First, the ego, it’s known since the old of time that your man's ego is a curfew in his personality; you shall not ever try to scratch his ego-esteem or try to underestimate his faculties. That's why we-women- always tend to seal the boat with the ego-massage sculls, yes it always works but in our Egyptian culture-where everything seems to be quite different from any standards of civilization and far away from any religious basis- the Egyptian men erotize their women's rights under the brand name of ego.
Here in Egypt he will never want his woman to blossom in her career so as not to encounter his excellence nor to become the main breadwinner for their family because yes in our community he would feel offended and overtaken by the disablement in mastering his muscling side in front of his children and his wife and that explains why he had always nagged on not to do that and on not to talk to these people, that's why he fights over very trivial things because he's ego wounded and low self-esteemed. Further more he can summon the physical/emotional violence over his woman if she struggled for her rights asserting.

Q.E.D.when your man's blurring your progress or discouraging in any form just know that He's weak, he imprisons you because he knows right you're better than him so you shall not accept it and I am proudly announcing that the cold blooded male foreigners don't do that but rather they support and stalk our backs to conciliation.

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