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Friday, 17 July 2009

A new post!

And finally, yes finally I am going to write an appropriate post-hopefully. Yes I swear I am making it. Finally I word-documented my own thoughts back again in attempt of creating out a blog post. I really missed writing in any place other than the facebook galaxy for I am done with writing long statuses of myself, commenting on people's notes of reflections, sending group messages and walling any of my beautiful people whom I thanked billions for sniffling me out of my sadness with their super ultimate capabilities. Yet sincerely sorry for being angry/disappointed/hurt/miserable/crying creature for a month and a half and I know I am contagious and that I segment you bad vibes in a way god blessed me with. However, am not sure what that post is all about but I thought may be I'll share you with bits of my life.

I am having troubles with writing and it is all about being a magazine-less writer at the moment, I did send so many magazines for applying but haven't got any reply yet and no I'll never ever get back to my ex-magazine-TeenStuff don't you ever dare to bring that up because it is the loam of ca ca, a whole lot of a messy office-if I'd to call it office! In the other side I am making an online magazine with AWE-SOME teens and very dear friends x.

I can't sleep at night; I can barely sleep at all because I am carrying a heavy medley of black emotions of fear, anxious, heart-scared, unsafeness, uncertainty and loneliness. I was filled with regret towards him but it all had gone away right after receiving his last message. Thank you for easing the getting over you process.

I played soccer last week.

I had a concert with Mira to eskenderallah band. I admired the pianist who eventually turned out having my ex's name, the first and the last name…what the c*&k!

I cried to my dad two days ago.

Lately; I've been imaging doing savage killing to a lot of people…just relieving.

I am meeting with G this Saturday.

I am thinking of writing a book. Yes I am just 18 but the topics in my head are so much to be handled in articles. They're all about women. The Egyptian fe-mail. The privilege of being a lady in Egypt. The gender reversal rules- men cook women WORK. Being feminist my own way is directed against emotional abusing and not the physical one because am not going to argue a brute who reached the lowest levels of decency and morality to use violence in his woman's body. Understand the women's needs and insecurities and embracing them…and A LOT!

Since reading http://amrkhaledsvault.blogspot.com/2008/09/let-it-go-man.html I feel so much better that you left me.

I am blocked!

I met with foda, pay him a visit =) osiris-kane.blogspot.com

Hanah Arafa, I loved your sparks http://www.hanaarafa.blogspot.com/ <3

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Spark said...

I'm waiting from now for the book. Insecurities is a hot topic...Go...go
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