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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Obama for Muslims.

I caught only 15mins of his speech, 15mins left me in a mind stroke for about other 10mins, I was surprised, I didn't know how to praise his intelligence, or how to applaud his understanding to our holy Koran or his glorification to women in Islam, he called to put women in their high pedestal just as god wants, and whether was she veiled or not he believed supported and respected her choice for the life she takes.

However, I am more than grateful for his speech for it was phenomenal inspiring and promising and came in the advantage of the Islam in all aspects and let me recap the whys?!
Obama came to Egypt to invite Muslims to proudly accommodate their religion's rituals, licensing his people and the west acceptance for that, He came declaring his want for Muslims to optimize their Islam's reluctant image that had been perceived over time as a relevance to terrorism all over the world and been disdained with its espousals' drawbacks, and so he often wants you Muslims to stand out with your identities and sublimate your religion…

and for everyone who says Obama's bo2 here is your special dedication from me; if you didn't gooseflesh while watching him speaking with sense. or if you were not uplifted with hope after that speech then just be sure that you're one of these identity-less Muslims, you're fake, you're a much bigger BO2 and a west monkey as I like to call you and your kind. You know why? Because now the errand to rise up with your Islam is triggered from a Christian American president, he had just opened the gate and waiting you to show up but you still farting.!

P.S.: I know I am late to write this post but I wasn't fine to even glimpse out of my heart-catastrophe, I apologize for the delay and I'd like to say OBAMA you were my ROCK STAR. and I really ruminate you a final destination other than kennedy's!


Sheikh Passion said...

3o2det el 5awaga ! :)

his speech was aimed to snap that bunch of money of which the arabian princes own !

you deleted the Wednesday Love List :O

Intuition. said...

yes I deleted it, it sounded like my life is on show...I screwed up in this one, I couldn't keep the balance of what is to be shown on public for a blog and what should be kept away =)!

and about OBAMA SHUT UP!=P I am the mama here=P!