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Monday, 15 June 2009

I am mending...I am cured with LOVE!

"From this moment all hate is let from my veins for I've no time to hate, only to love." Og mandino.

I'll teach you today to LOVE...yes just love, love your poppy, your cat or even your fish. because when you love you enlarge your heart, and when you love you double your happiness, and when you love you see beacons along your darkness.

3 things I decided to do today;
1. to send messages to whomever am not fine at the heart with. and just LOVE.
2. not to judge human deeds.
3. to reconnect with oldie friends.

just little things;
1. I met G's fish and named her *LOLITA*
2. I heard from a guy friend of mine that when he first knew me, he had this feeling to protect me and that I am so fragile and in urgent need for his security.
P.S: its the 3rd time to hear that and from three different guy friends.
3. I bought an inspiring book.
4. I witnessed my 12 year old brother's first fight with his friend over the phone...


Sheikh Passion said...

5.and you were experiencing writing your first CV..

Intuition. said...

thank you for downlifting my spirit, muhammed it was so much disappointing...but I really liked you with me it made it easier and that's what brothers for=)