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Monday, 15 June 2009

He's wicked...

Everyday when I woke up, I've at least 3 hours of soul-loneliness, mind-numbness and rejection to breathe. everyday I got hit by reality lands. everyday I stab a sharp knife at my heart and even taste misery in my mouth, for I remember how I was warm secured and adored and now; I am naked to make my blood heat under my flesh , I am hurt to feel safe and used to feel loved.
It should kill me to see him doing me part; "I don't love you" when he was months ago fluttering his arms around me, he spent years to secure me and now he's scattering his safety net. I wrote 5 articles about him when I know he won't bother himself writing a line about me.
He was fairy and heroic to me, he fed my dreams, he caressed my soul…he's wicked.
I miss him khara khara khara!

P.S: was to be inserted yesterday.!

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