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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Married by 18...! (Published in CONVO magazine-may09)

"Timing to end being hosted in your parents' home is the same exact one for you to hold your own future family hosting… Marriage"
we usually tend to relate the person's age to his/her capability of getting married, however the marriage's main pillar is the man's recognition to its definition, in other words his/her mental age.

Yet I am somehow young to speak my mind in such an issue, But it happens to come across guys who ridicule the girl's wants of -being a wife/mother-, it happens to find the weirdest facial expressions when I expose my approval to the salunat marriage concept or further getting married young, and I am someone who's but for being in love, she would have been engaged now.

I've been always with the early marriage, I dream of my wed day like every girl does, although I am a lady of fresh 18, I vision marriage as my real life challenge, either I succeed my choice for the man who builds with me our future or I fail raising good people, I believe that's why woman was created for in the first place, no matter how far she did encounter the man's excellence, or how tenacious she was struggling life, fighting for her rights or whatever, she can't shrink her neediness for the motherhood, and still she does need support from her man, if not financially then emotionally because we-females- by nature are fragile creatures need this mannish fence to strengthen us, to provide security, and to rise us in our downs.

My point is; free your mind from the dark marriage constrains to see marriage through my lens; as a holy connection unite between two bodies, souls and two lives in one. In other words give yourself and the others the chance, and once you meet the person-who can rise with your love/life, who perfectly matches your needs and wants, the one who you can live with -double what you have already lived with your parents-be officially secured and remember above all, it all depends on the person's recognition to its definition and his/her purposes of getting married.

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