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Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Who wouldn't wish to live their life to their sharpest potentials? Who wouldn't wish to fearlessly venture their days, good and bad with open heart? Who wouldn't wish to stretch themselves to be able to actively turn negatives of their past selves and lives into positives and only then become invincible? And yet, we don't. We hardly can adopt and nurture a positive inner dialogue, one that helps us grow and does not erode our confidence in our own voices and choices, one that won't be so savvy and weary after some or a lot of past let downs we might have dealt with, one that is stimulus to trusting in people and does not resign us for a lonely guarded and sore life. 

We all had days that seem like they will never end or weeks that seem like they will never end where you are so exhausted with the weight of pain that has colonized in your chest, and is almost withering your heartbeats. You are living in an old pattern or in draining memories of a loved one that passed away or in a heartbreak of a boy or girl you loved with all of your heart, and your emotional pain is so intense as if it's hurting you physically, let alone excruciating your brains and ridding you off living the present and giving up fully to it and enjoying making a new past's future out of it.

But then again we are faced with a choice. And there's no escape, we are responsible and there's no escape, and midst the hassle we tend to forget it and throw our hands up. But, fortunately, we are responsible and are always left with a choice; It is either you passively wait for things to correct themselves, await the skies push their fury aside and reasserts its sovereignty and buoyancy or you could suck it up and accept it as the normal and make the hard efforts it takes to be in charge of your own well being. Life is tough and you got to suit up, you got to fight everyday of your life. You know it through to your bones that nothing is going to come easy to you.

My point is we are constantly growing, and growing basks in pain. Sometimes it is hard to comprehend how an awful experience of a magnitude pain can be of any good for us, but it is, and you have to take your bad moments and learn to understand the teaching moments out of them. It might take a big stretch to realize that everything happens for you and not to you, it might require a ridiculous deal of courage for a leap of faith to staying at the bright side of your problems but it's going to be worth it and five or six years down the line you surprisingly become a better version of yourself.  
Remind yourself that your struggles are part of the big chain of universe, you are not alone in anything you do or feel or wish. We are part of a greater whole. Each one of us is an energy rippling through one field –the vast universe- everything we experience and everything we know is part of that field. Decide on how would you like the impact of your energy on the domain.  

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