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Friday, 25 January 2013


All the pressure they weigh on your shoulders to exist.
''I don't want to exist'' she said
I want to be a pale skin and words would blush my cheeks. I don't want to exist until I sweep the dust off my head. Until the sky is filled up with my soul for my heart does not know calenders, nor the passing of time. All the schemes of aging and forged race over the world was never my thing. My heart yearns and it feels right and subtly good for a pumping muscle to yearn.''
''But you will crash.'' they tell her.

'I crashed, I bent and broke my feet while I was spinning, doing my ballet with strangers. I feel more connected to them when they dance with me or even watch me dance, closer to them than my closest family.  But I broke my feet, I screamed, let me spin.. Let me spin.. Alas, my body kept failing me. They consoled me because they know there's an angel that is keeping me safe from a perilous show. And sometimes you can't see from all the light that is coming out of you. Yes, sometimes, light is blinding too. And sometimes my devils scare me.. But what a small price you pay them for the sly twists they do to detour the wheel of your life, you can't take the opposite direction for this will be futile and also boring.' She says with a confident smile.

''I love your fragility'' Isaac noted
''And I wish we could meet all over again'' She said.

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