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Monday, 26 November 2012

The penny you gave

I offered her what I was drinking
But she said
''Bananas and water melon and chocolates give me stomach ache.''
I asked about her Mother and what she does
She said, taking care of the baby because the rest of my brothers and sisters work like me
in the streets to get her the money so as to make us food.
I asked how many brothers and sisters does she has?
She answered: Six
Oh my heavy heart.. My friend suggested I would write about her, I said I wouldn't
Because what can I possibly change or add to what has been said and discussed and articulated and published million times in papers and magazines about the homeless street children or abusing kids in labor. What new will I say? It's simply sad.
I only wanted to apologize to her for we are all responsible for the unfair hard life she's living. I wanted to promise her a better tomorrow! To hug her to even take her home with me and give her a good shower and a good meal and a warm bed.. I wanted to stretch her possibilities for a good life, to pump up hope in her small hands! Her small hands that are too small and young to have to beg for a life out of strangers' pockets. To have to stray in streets for a meal at the end of the day. To have to humiliatingly clutch to your windowpane and other passerby(s) that are haughty and happen to think all she wants are their fucking money and cringe if  she laid her dirty hands on their clothes!
Well yes, she wants your money, very very little of it... She wants the Penny!
But have you ever offered her a kind hand. A caring heart?

Today I did.. And surprisingly she responded. Unlike what I expected. I actually connected with her.. She gave me a flower then played a little game where she took all the flower's petals and threw them gracefully upon me. I gave her five pounds. She was more than satisfied. Yet she came back after a while for a little heart of mine with her eyes searching for a carer in me NOT A LENDER!
It kills me that I can not change this little kid's life.

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