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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Some people you just want to keep them forever and you are eternally grateful you bumped into them, because they grabbed hold on you when you least expected it. Because they defined your silver lining when you most needed it and because .. Well .. They love you, in a pure and rare way and they let you feel it. They let you grow, over come, heal, and blossom out your insecurities. They help you become 'YOU', defined and confident and empowered. They keep you green at heart, and forth sighted to future, They pump hope into your life, and simply ..
They make life worthwhile and worth living and just never wasted.
Well I am lucky, I am lucky because they believed in me, even when I gave them all the reasons to leave, I am lucky they didn't leave,
I must be blessed to have them tolerating all my mood swings and the battles that I have to fight with myself.
Thank YOU ..
And you know yourselves.

Photo via Tumblr.

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