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An Escapist close to the world.

Friday, 13 May 2011

I postpone reality by illusion, by escaping into variables and jumping into spaces, it is how I become, how I live. I am an escapist, and I take you with me .. I liberate our shackles by imaginations. And I throw a kite of dreams and laughs and kisses. I keep your company, I keep you warm. I am not afraid of fears; they make me reachable and challenged and renewed for new lives, I outgrow definitions and never settle for false opinions thrown at my face from others. I am formed through characters of books, altered one by another. Books deny realities, and you know, I have an inclination to beautiful things. I have a tendency to beautify the universe. I can spend my life exploring ...
And I gasp the thought and put it down in words because if I did not, words will manifest darkly above my chest. You tolerate me ... And I beg of you to be patient. You are precious and a fraction of me. I can hear your voice for hours. YOU are my bird.

Don't leave me yet.

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