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Sunday, 13 February 2011

(put your lovely shoes on...)

I have a lovely blog
and a lovely Tumblr and lovingly lovable (funny) people in my life .. I love my house, and my bedroom with every mess it got, I love my car,
I talk to my car.
I love my FOLLOWERS.
I love handwritings. And strawberries. And the Nile.
I love my Egypt and how it survived peacefully our youth revolution. And transformed to a more beautiful place of genuinely caring on-one-another- people. I loved the fact that now I feel it is MY country and that I am witnessing a new phase where we -youth- are responsible and where we are found, heard and respected.

I love coffee (I don't drink it often though) I love Spago restaurant and how cozy it is. I love FOOD so very much. I love Zamalek neighborhood.
I love silver lining. I forgive. I just did. It makes life less heavy already. It gives you a face lift.
I see life in colors .. Don't you love life ?

My Valentine's this year is dedicated to MYSELF (I surprised myself .. at times)
And everyone who made me laugh sincerely, and to strangers with contagious smiles for how kind they are to affect me. Positively recently.
My Valentine's this year might go to my beloved Egypt as well and to our happy people with their newly gained freedom.
I love YOU Egypt.

*Please spread LOVE today. And use 'I LOVE' a lot.
And show with sincere words that you care.
We shall celebrate instead of ridiculing. I guess :)

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