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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Here is to the revolution of positivity outbursting from a revolution of freedom.
To communicate and respect.
To dignity and to starting over.
To the responsibility of moving forward with our country;
Work your field out to produce from wherever the position you hold .. Because it is our time of giving, it is my time and yours and his and hers time of building dreams with no exceptions and with no limits.
Talent your gift everywhere; Write, photograph, sing away, cast, joke, compose, write, sport and write.
Spread positivity.
Positivity in terms of:
Respecting one another, collaborating and encouraging and cutting the judging out. From this day on we are not like before, we don't judge and we don't underestimate based on any differences there might be.
I request for tolerance and resilience and again PATIENCE.
I request for hardworking .. Because hard work is yet to come people.
I couldn't join the protests due to my health condition of using an inhaler. But I am a newborn. But I am hopefulness-rich. I regained my Egyptianism. I am recharged to renew Egypt and so I will with every potential I have got.

Peace out.

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