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Friday, 12 November 2010

The only failure in a one's life is not knowing that when you lose something, you gain another. in feeling. in substance.
Although I believe at certain phase of fulfillment you have it all, at certain time you begin to see perfectiveness in your life.
But again, maybe some of us need more of optimism in tomorrow and not just tomorrow but in every next moment of living. Some need to appreciate their lives and float more on 'the now' and the chances of 'the now' and dwell less less less. Some of us need the eyes to see the beauty through everything. Through obstacles even. Perceiving ending as a new beginning.
Perceiving a once-failure as a challenge for a coming opportunity. And changes as a new phase in the life we'are given. And each phase has its own beauty.


Mohammed J. said...

failure is the first step towards success.

It's a bliss to realize it when you fail rather than convince yourself otherwise.

much love

rivercat said...

Finding your blog was like stumbling over a pleasant band of tricolor beech in fall. hmmm... I think i'll save that for a poem some day!