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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

When I am in heaven I'll ask to relive the history of this planet earth from day one of mere existence and creation
I might be wisdom-weaponed and contain the universe's gigantic adventures for I want to feel with every ounce of my humanity the ages of this human race. Emphasize with wars and DILATE in mind wars and grieve my heart out for poverty and then again break in genuine happiness for generosity and .. I might be ready to explore the afterlife's immortality.

But here I shall say, in my short life or in your life.. You are given to experience pain and fear and loss and bitter and joy and laughter and kissing and caressing and again deprivation .. Feel them .. Feel it whatever you are given for it identifies you .. As a human.

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Nahla said...

and WOW :D i wanna know the answer too !
love it <3