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Sunday, 22 August 2010

And you might need to be reminded of...

YOU are not God.

YOU are just a human and humans are FLAWED. Humans do hurt one another, sometimes.
Humans disappoint each other at other times.. And humans give excuses to themselves and to other humans to forgive and to transcend as ONE NATION because in that you experience the subliminal level of humanity.

Humans give and take to expand their souls. The essence of living is GIVING. The essence of humankind is understanding needing and protecting each other. And living with a big heart that tolerates mistakes and hard core times and a mind that embraces imperfection of life and of people.

Humans get hurt and confused and lose and also make erroneous calls along their way. Accept it and be kind on yourself because all of the scars and all of the nostalgic stories caged inside your bones address your existence address your journey on this Earth. Be proud rather.

Humans fall.. To learn how to RISE UP again often stronger and often inspiring to others.

Humans make history and future.. Humans make feelings thoughts music books and wisdom.
Humans are interconnected to each atom and each sub atom of everything in this universe.
Humans were created with endless powers and choices to CONSTRUCT and explore the world world world not just the Earth. Humans are super humans.. Only when they acknowledge it.


Nahla said...

OMG OMG OMG AGAIN OMG :D enty ezay keda i was just writing something related to this
we have the same brain :D 3lsn keda b7bek lol
amazing bbe <3

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thank you for the birthday wishes!!

robyn adams said...

I really like this :)