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Sunday, 7 March 2010

I do believe that any boy and a girl can make it, nothing there is as an impossible relationship. It might
be much of unbalanced but still, they can let it happen, if love exists.
it takes fighting and it also takes hanging on to one another, or maybe it also takes believing in your miraculous and sublime bond.
you split not because you are different as these differences between the both of you are what tied you together in the first place...
you split because you gave up. you just did.

aside note, Men are just as whinny
as Women.


marooned84 said...

this is a really harsh judgement.. people are just not that way. they attract or repel each other, and they change. why would u stay with someone if both of u are unhappy? moving on would be more wise and much more brave.

Dinah. said...

yes, and this post was a call for any couple facing any changes to hang on to each other, to keep fighting to grow together, yes one of them or both of them change/(ed) but that doesnt mean that everyone should go his/her way leaving their counterparts behind. I MEAN IF LOVE EXISTS even for the slightest of possibilities; they should fight for it. always find a way to make it work. because believe me, out of experience I know what I am taking about anything can work. for love.

Dinah. said...

another thing, being in a relationship with someone means COMMITMENT!
you can't just walk away from your loved one because gosh you woke up the other day to find yourself stopped loving them. this would be reckless inconsiderate(to your partner's feelings) and more or a less a thing of a selfish soul. don't you think?

marooned84 said...

It's hard to generalize when talking about love. The change I'm talking about doesn't take a night's sleep to happen. It either happens through months and years or happens because of a special situation. If love exists everything can be worked out, but can love exist between anybody and anybody else?

and it's not selfishness to be honest in a relationship. to say I've had enough when u really had enough. To talk about problems and either work them out or declare they can't be solved.

my point is that either in a relationship or anything else it's best not to put clear-cut decisions and try and build ur life according to them. wouldn't it be better to be open to choices and to deal with what u have when u have it? and not alone too. once in a relationship ur will merge with somebody else's, so decisions became mutual.

Dinah. said...

you said : "To talk about problems and either WORK THEM OUT or declare they can't be solved."
I need this WORKING OUT I don't want (GIVING UP) and even when you have had enough with constructive communication it might work back again. I mean any two could make it. if they want to.
this is all I need to convey throu this post.
THANK YOU for taking time reading commenting and replying me back :)

مى said...

I don't feel like discussing the post all that much. Just came to drop this off: <3


marooned84 said...

I have to admit u have an almost aggressive attitude :)
the topic was interesting :)

no offence of course...

Dinah. said...

I know :D!

Soha said...

All what it takes is mutual understand and adaption.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate... and be honest to yourself before you be honest to your partner.

It's not a must that both of you should like the same things in life, but what's a must that you appreciate the things your partners like...

Feelings are like plants, they will die if not watered properly.