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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

He knows what to speak and when to

He's compassionate and patient and wise just as my father is,

He adores me.

He'd save me on his soul.

He is not arrogant.

He is not FAKE.

He has a heart of A WHITE DOVE.

He believes in his darling of natural beauty and wavy hair of symmetrical curls.

He promises me to keep me safe and secure and he keeps his promises.

He loves my skinny fingers.

He never leaves me alone.

He's extra hygienic and very tidy and arranged in his work.

He thinks my toes are cute.

He finds my newly adopted habit of talking in commercial terms, cute.

He and mom are going along.

He thinks she's a one of kind just as much as I look up at her.

He respects my dad, despite how dad sometimes shuts him out. from the door of being jealous on me.

He understands my dad.

I want to make babies with him.

He makes me laugh like a little girl.

He loves my crazy moments, my giggles and my silly jokes.

He listens to my stories over and over again and never gets bored.

My voice he loves.

He's good to my friends.

He compliments my manicure colors.

He keeps this picture he took when I was crying.

He sings with me.

He lets me draw to him.

He thanks god for finding me.

He said he searched the world to find me.

He doesn't lie.

He means the world to his sister and his mother.

He will make one heck of a story teller to our kids.

Nothing compares to his smile.

There's a contrast between his skin tone and mine.

He invites me to his world.

He says I should teach women how to dress talk walk and love.

He is a legend.

He never ceases to surprise me.

He takes care of me.

He's my man.

He makes me proud.

He is proud of me.

He's always speechless when he sees me.

He's the man who came to stay.

He lets me go out with him in ponytail. hehe

and I love him.