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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

everyone is beautiful their way. this is a fact of life. and women CAN NOT DRIVE. another fact of life. live with it because we won't stop driving whatsoever.
believe in yourself. and float with your dreams. they do come true.. however, I come to the thought of the self as I always acknowledged that the self could grow mature and change every single minute of every single day so I have never made peace with the phrase: "be yourself" or maybe it just aims at the power of believing in your potentials. confidence? or see, I could possibly come with an answer to my aroused question, God created us different to integrate. so don't try to be someone else you are not or else the mechanism will go wrong. be content by what you have and invest in it and it will repay you back by a. defining your self/being upon this galaxy and b. fostering your purpose from living (well...another theory of mine)!


prince of silence said...

I like that write ... alot :)
keep it up

Anonymous said...

be your self

Anonymous said...

i make my destiny
u 571

Anonymous said...

hi first i like your behaviar in writing and want suggest you subject i hope you write in it
how our socity make diffrent between men and women in sex how it give man right to do sex and when he go to marry its not big problem but our socity dont make women and girls do thats and it will be big problem if the man found thats her girl was had last relationship befor marry BUT our religion dont make diffrent between man and woman if they do sex and there punich i think we should look for that carfouly
im U 571 AND IM MAN

Intuition. said...

about the premarital sex, I find it unaccepted in many ways that aside from our religion it actually eats out any bits of rights given for the females in any relationship. and no our society doesn't give men the right to have premarital sex, but it just fails reining the blame. (just needs the direction:) ) but basically you're talking right... and although I am a feminist, I don't defend females involved in premarital sex but rather I condemn them as well as their MALE COUNTERPARTS.
thank you for your suggestion. it means a lot to me. really!

amr said...

thanks for your answer