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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

If I had to write, I would write of fallen stars and candy clouds of winter and coldness and of hot chocolate and love found.
If I had to write, I would write of happiness and autism and of long hours beneath the shower head that is raining warm water. I would write of our home, the noise the madness and coziness...and my dream wooden home of secret hideouts and snuggling corners of floral vintage bamboo chairs...
If I had to write, I would write of you and me, and wedding I don't want to attend because I know it would remind me of you because I know I would leave to the bathroom to cry and in hush hope you to show up and... again cry
If I had to write, I would write my story, my childhood and my traced way to conciliation and about my words that strive at building and building. I would write of the blindness of love. sometimes! I will write for my kids to read in 2023 how their mom was such a slow leaner when it came to driving... and they wouldn't believe though

written 24th of December 09. and I didn't cry in the wedding :)


Nahla said...

your words always leave that feeling
inside of me ...

the feeling of sun warming light on my skin
and the smell of fresh morning and blossom flowers!

have a good day
and I'm glad you didn't cry !!

Intuition. said...

you're EXQUISITE :)
thank you...