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Monday, 16 November 2009

Broods Over Equilibrium...

Is it possible all the fuzz for football...A BALL!!!
I don't know how to respond to what I've been hearing/seeing from every possible window of media and press but aside from my state of apathy which I am adopting lately,
are you people serious? three days in a row nothing's been circulated over the talk shows but the match?
did what I see about damaged parked cars that worth millions around the stadium lot was true? did you really smash these cars? OH GOD! the streets did we-Egyptians really block the streets for the post-match hours for celebration? and NO I don't want to ridicule the spirit but was it normal? I mean how about people who have business its inevitable that they were belated. And the Algerians oh how brutish what you do in your country threatening another civilians' lives for a rival team in a match or for a stupid qualifying to the world cup which eventually you won't get! are you Algerians weren't kidding when you called my friend minutes ago over her cell phone to revile our country and us -Egyptians. LOL are you guys normal :D?

Don't forget to check out with the link attached in the colored word.


Sara said...

The thing is...it is sad, to find people united (as a nation) for such a cause and driven away- more like disillusioned- from the things that really matter.

People couldn't find any other way to channel their sense of nationalism!

Sara said...

wenti tayyeba 7abebtii :)