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Thursday, 22 October 2009

We are too valuable for you to handle.

And so I was thinking about manipulating the long inherited mis-beliefs about women and men through out history, and one of which was about the families who prefer having sons to daughters and the reasons behind this preference. Some parents around the globe and not just in Egypt 'til now take advantage of having sons as more labor hands to strengthen the family's standard of living in other words to bring more money and through materialistic eyes in a zone of poverty men might be perceived by the bringers as the valuable creatures who deserve better education, better health care and better psychological treatment. and despite seeing this as a true discrimination against girls it is also a true violation for the children's rights...it doesn't actually give credit to the male gender at all for god's sake he's ABUSED as labor hand!

from a lens of a feminist;

I say
having sons is less costing than having daughters.

whoever got the chance to read that post...
and see things my way,

I see that the female is entitled by god in all of his religions with receiving velvet and comfort and high levels of consideration-put into action- toward her physical emotional and mental needs and that
if she is under a curator.
and since the curator is the male. be it, the father the brother the husband the boy friend or even the son. that means
he's obliged to do efforts to please/serve her and that she shall not cry a complaint due his trusteeship or else he is sinned in the eye of society deserve flaying and charged as guilty to law. That's how things are and that's how things should have been since the old of time. (I sometimes think that equality does us-women unjust...)

back again to my point, it is much more easier and less burdensome to give births to men!
oh poor men,
we are too valuable for you to handle. Period!

av a good evening everybody, I'd have written often appropriately given more time =S

I'll re-write it...I promise ;)


Wessam said...

Hmm..maybe girls are pretty valuable, I won't digress into debate on that.

But, look at it that way. When there's a diamond in the rough that is brought to its shiny glamour by a "poor" worker, people admire the beauty of the gem, but it still remains the artistic work of a crafty soldat inconnu.

Have a great day ;)

مى said...

I did pause and see things your way for a second there. And I liked what I was seeing :)

You're lovely x

Jess said...

Ohh hun it's not working! mesh 3arfa a3mell eh tany :D
I love the post btw xx

Intuition. said...

you know that I miss you so frikkin much =(...don't you!!!!!!!!!!

Jess said...

I know because I miss you so effing much it bothers me el sara7a!
I seriously have to see you soon begadd <3

Sara said...

lol this made me laugh, in a good way. We are too valuable!

Sara said...

aaaand again: you made me smile!!