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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Would I cope with a society I live in even if its norms may not make any sense to me?
Yes, I would. I don't. But I should.
And you are right, I can totally understand your argument about personal freedom and your divine right to live a life only you is responsible for.
But you know what else is even more important?
Being loved and maintaining a good image among the group is!
Be it in you work. In the family. In the neighborhood. In your building. In the shops you regularly visit!
We are all dying to be embraced as we are. And I honestly never believed anyone who alleged they just don't care what others might be thinking of them because it is an undeniable human desire to want to belong, to want to be admired and praised and feeling like you are part of something whole.
Think about it, have you ever had to quit your job because you were not feeling morally appreciated? And suppose you didn't actually quit. Can you be absolutely decisive that, organizationally wise, it was not getting to you even a little when you didn't feel like you matter?
We crave to be recognized and valued! And it cuts our souls open when we don't receive it.

When Isa was born miraculously -by the act of God- without a father, virgin Mary was not so happily gloating her virgin birth she was rather terrified in terms of confronting terrible slanders and had to endure a brief but dramatic episode that was shortly resolved when the infant, spoke unexpectedly from the cradle, taking his Mother's defense and exonerated her from all blame!

And it's very dreadful to me to admit it but nobody really likes to be the black sheep, nobody really wants to astray!

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