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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My fifth crime

You swallowed the moon when my eyes were wide awake and you still wondered how luminous it must be in the inner chamber of my being
maybe you are not coming.
.. back
maybe my eyes will not glow again when you cloak me in your aura
Maybe you will be alive then rot only in the back of my mind.
Rot in the back of my mind and I wouldn't wanna visit you again.
I wouldn't wanna visit you again because I don't want my feet to touch a hard cold floor
We had so much fun. Fun that depressed us, eventually
But then again, you will be famous. No matter how many times I wished to breathe you, in and out.. You will be famous.
I am trying to box up my feelings and drown them in the quiet, but the quiet disquiets me, brazes noises of a false victory,
False because forgetting you will come slow.

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marooned84 said...

Which film is this from? A couple reading in bed is actually one of fantasies...