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Friday, 7 December 2012

Don't forget your promise

We are one heart.
One earth.
One energy.
We are so unhappy because we are not resonating enough KIND energy throughout our field
We are one energy
Like how water ripples all along the pool, we touch each other's lives
We are one promise. Yet, we grind it by tending to forget that life's fairness lies in giving.. Because you receive exactly what you send out. That's the ''mundane fair''
Keep your promises bright. Keep your promises bright and the caliber of your personal happiness will be shot into the blue sky.
I promise
We share one soul. Speak kind words.
That's the promise you owe to the Universe. Make someone's life easier and they will remember you forever!
Make someone's life easier by spreading thoughts that would pull them out of bloom, of routine, of despair and helplessness.
Make someone's life easier by making them feel happier about themselves, by showing them the possibilities they never knew existed, remind them of their best.
Make someone's life easier by pumping them with courage to stay outside their comfort zone to expand it and to stretch their limits that would eventually activate them to break through their passive mental habitual behaviors.
Make someone's life easier and your life will be made easier

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