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Saturday, 4 February 2012

To unlesson.

I am currently reading: 'Happy for no reason' for Marci Shimoff and there was this photograph illustrating the patterns that frozen water take when subjected to human energy, the first crystalline one illustrates the happy energy and positive good vibes while the second shows the opposite, the negative energy's effect. And since that our bodies are composed of 70-80 percent of water which figure would you rather choose for yourself ?'

Of course, I chose the first one.
And you need to change your approaches toward things and people
if you are paining.
You need to insert the change to feel better about whatever blocks your clarity and stands between you and yourself from feeling good.
What you think is what makes you and makes the world around you. What you think is all that matters. You are your thoughts.

Lately, I am adopting the notion of ''forgive''.
I Forgive, not because the people who hurt me deserve it, but because I do, I deserve it. To decide that your welfare is more important than anything and anyone is to decide to forgive. To forgive is to let go. To let go of any grudge or any resentment that harms your precious particles and chromosomes. To break down the prison people who hurt you built around you and that is contracting you to pain. To let go is to live free. To live happy as you are. To live happy as your natural state is. You were created from and composed of heavenly materials and particles and you only expand when you are joyous. This is how we grow. We don't grow through pain. We finally grow when we decide to overcome the pain because at the other end there's a motivation, there's hope of a blissful state of happiness.
Learn to unlearn if this is all it takes .. In other words, ''Stay hungry .. Stay foolish''

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