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Monday, 29 August 2011

Years ago I walked out of their lives,
without understanding or becoming fully aware of the decision and consequences. I was choking. And departing was a relief.
In fact it happened with no efforts, at all. Later while, I understood, and I thanked God I left.
Later while, I saw it full pictured and realized what pushed me away, crystal clear.
Now I do it again, but this time with efforts, this time I am pushing on myself and I am hurting, because staying would be impossible and unbearable and just way too painful and against my existence and its aims.
When I see a finite soul it is the beginning of the very end, because you have to leave me space to rejoice with your soul at this field of the undefined.
Oh and this time, you two girls, you offended the friend, the human and the woman. I can't detect the evidence, but the feeling is ugh too enough to let me save myself from a big degradation against my notions!
Thank God. I am grateful, I put you OUT.

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