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Friday, 1 July 2011

You were not there for me when I most needed you.
You knew you did me wrong and hurt me but was too egotistic to admit.
You denied me my right to get mad, my right to get an apology.
You chose your ego over me.
You didn't listen.
You criticized me. Not in a constructive way.
You looked down at me.
You thought you knew me .. Oh so well.
You couldn't put up with my bubbly and perky and shaggy and shitty moods, when those are 'ME'.
You thought I'll always be there for you no matter what, just for the sake of our years spent together, well I paid you enough in your memories, Goodbye.
You were not honest.
You tweeted shit about me, and I tried to act as it's never existed.
You weren't a friend. Never were, because you wanted more than just a 'friend' from the very beginning.

People are people. They suck. And I leave with slamming doors.
Life is infinite and with so many disappointments. SMILE.

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