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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Summer is too loud, in colors, in the sound of waves crashing on the seashores and rocks and faces, you can't help but sink in and wear blue water to feel weightless and escape the loud heated sun. Summer is loud in laughter and memories, everything about summer is lively loud, the music and greens even. It is not always meeting me where I want though. I don't like a lot of noise, you know, I carry loud noises of sheer incoherency that require solvency on a loud cloud. My lightness doesn't match the vividness of summer. I don't sleep in summer, I rather dream away. I don't find abundance of noise in summer..

I also found that I wouldn't want to change lives. Only my life, I struggle myself to write books of how I've lived vast lives through one, to remind myself that I tried and wondered and been sad and survived and lived .. It would help humans to develop in that time-consumed life. You would relate and you'd know that you never were alone and you would wear a smile for me .. I live in many lives because I write. I realize artistichood is sometimes miserable and alone but worthy acquiring and in the end, makes you happy. Your life is never wasted, any life is not.

You know, it is always about your dreams and where you aspire to become at, that make you who you are. Alter your fabrics to the finest and then things will get more beautiful.

I always grow a river that flows in cores and corners of myself and let it seep right in me and beyond, it's only when I feel infinite and intuitive .. I once grew a tree of imaginations that overshadowed my mistakes and hurts and made me go through, it is old but wise and still is young to always bring in the breeze to my soul.

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Salma said...

I've been following your blog since a little long..And I think it's my first time to leave a comment! You've got to know, that I love your little pieces, and even when they a little longer than usual I love them even more. Thank you for all that you write and inspire. =)