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Friday, 1 April 2011

Those mood swings are really something aren't they ? That superficial happyness is the best thing you've come across in as long as you can remember and it's beautiful. It's like you're floating in pink clouds eating candies and dancing like your life depends on it. And in that moment in time you feel invincible and nothing can get to you. You feel you can bring the whole world together and make a ground-breaking difference in this chaos you live in. But just then melancholy tints your euphoria and it feels like you're falling, falling, falling back to the ground and a great big hand is clutching at your heart as it weeps and weeps and weeps.

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Sara said...

we all definitely need a break...and it sucks because easter Monday and Sinai Liberation day are both on the same day, so instead of, two days off we get one.

I hope I make it to Ras Shitan this time, I REALLY need it. It's all getting to me.

I love you :)