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Friday, 4 February 2011

I totally respect and support each one has an opinion concerning what is happening to the land. I totally appreciate every opinion on the table because this is my country and yours and hers and his, we are all responsible for the future, we are all one nation.
we are having a voice of different opinions but definitely each person should be respected, It's their right. And this diversification, if heard, will benefit both sides.

I might also need to mention that this sad revolution makes me happy. Very happy and proud; It is humane. It is the rain we long awaited. It nourished patriotism in all of us.
We finally out-brusted our apathy and showed the world we won't accept our rights being taken from us any more.

But I only ask everyone for time not a chance. Time on a trembled atmosphere.
I only ask for time. Time to unravel any mind-gaming
Mubarak's intellectuality should never be underestimated. Unfortunately.

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