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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

يبقى انت اكيد فى مصر

This Video speaks my country best.

I wish I was given more time to express in detail what is happening, and how politics is swinging us from one side to another,
but all I ever ask for from my fellow Egyptians to cool off their anger, to wake up from this anger that is blinding us on the fact that Egypt is TARGETED from by they know who .. And that Mubarak's speech yesterday granted all of our essential demands that assure us a long term 'Better Change'.
Also blinding us on the fact that Mubarak is only there for months. Few months.

I don't want anger to blind us on the mindful-thought that these protests are making our country's condition so very weak. Internally and externally.

Anger in this situation is stupid and very irrational. Please I beg of everyone to be back to their homes.

Our demands are already being implemented.
Please have some patience. Constitutionals changes take TIME. Give them TIME and not a CHANCE.

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