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Monday, 17 January 2011

I love Cairo by night, and not any less of its day time.
With night it gets magical,
The Nile jeweling with lights. And cars lights all lined up flickering the streets and bridges. Yes even this busyness has me. Cairo's zahma grows a sense of belonging in me, here I said it.
Our churches embrace history and old streets of Islamic Geometric designs and patterns are perfectly and beautifully intriguing.
I love mid-night rides with soothing music playing or with us singing with cold air hitting our faces. I love Amr Diab, and how we don't have to contradict when it comes to listening to him.
I love the ridiculousness of guys' obsession over the football matches.

I love that we have a heritage of morals and orientations to constantly be reminded of.

I love the red sea; Sokhna. Dahab.
I love Aswan, and its people's accent. I love Port Said and its English designed old hotels. And Alexandria .. The beauty. And childhood memories with my dad.

Oh Egypt .. I love to love you, you darlingly have my heart.


Nahla said...

I love Egypt too . such beautiful place

Sara said...

VERY well said! I love the fact that someone loves the country as much as I do :)