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Thursday, 20 January 2011

And then you realize you are not so alone,
Because no you are not supposed to be alone when you are home, and by home I mean your hometown .. in your country, because that's the beauty-fulness about Egypt. Its people; Their smiles. Because when they smile; It's warm, because it survived a lot of hardcores.

Their faith, while I sometimes think it is the barrier for our change too. their faith, nevertheless, in God and goodness and in life, is safe and strong and endless.

And again Their kind acts toward their neighbors, their relatives whether a brother or a far blood connection, or even better, toward their acquaintances.
In Egypt, you are never forgotten.

A personal totally irrelevant note: I am currently facing a problem with my memory, I was just telling my best friend how I forget things/names/streets in the middle of the story I am telling folks about. Like I forget what I wanted to say or why I wanted to say it in the first place or what happened back and forth to a specific point. It's irritating and worrying me in some way too.

A personal Quest:
I am becoming less and less tolerant lately, I am always nervous and I throw tantrums more often than before and yesterday's night I broke in tears for absolute silly fights with my father, I seriously need to stop being so negative with horrific thoughts, because maybe it's the finals' crappy mood. I need to stop fighting everyone about everything my memory is vanishing already. I need to find my peacefulness again. A Nile cruise is all I want.

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