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Friday, 24 December 2010

One of the very mistakes a break up leads to
is not hearing your partner's reasons, you listen but you don't hear.
Hurt does that. The hurt from them choosing to be away blindfolds your mind on their reasons and on understanding that they could be right and that they could be at a different phase at their lives and they are trying to let you see things at this very phase but you are hurt to understand. Misunderstanding grows from hurt.
Hear them .. Understand what's beyond their choice and whether or not you can adjust to their new layer or if you would be able to make the efforts to be at this phase. Accept and respect whatever they choose. But do not settle for (apart-ing) before you exhaust all the tryings.

Above all, life is too beautiful to stop for anyone.


Nahla said...

so true <3 !! life is just too beautiful!

Sara said...

This is so true! Some people just won't listen. And they are stuck on the old person their partner is, and they don't realize that it's not the same. They haven't really changes, they have only evolved.

Mohammed J. said...

nothing whatsoever justifies disloyalty and betrayal