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Friday, 19 November 2010

YOU are responsible ...

During my past two years, I had nights of those severe thinking.
The kind of thinking that exhausts your mental faculties 'till your brains pinch you in pain. I cried. Coldness echoed in my bones. I had nights of crying myself to sleep and I stayed days sleep-deprived unraveling my thoughts, my incoherent thoughts pleading for any sense in the maze. But never had I felt sad.

I was curious rather, curious
to approach insanity then reach grounds of sanity, to approach fear then reach grounds of confidence for what I stand for...
I end up exploring a new scope of myself.
I end up happy.
I end up new.
I end up out of an awkward self questioning to self assuredness.

YOUR own thoughtful mind is ferocious, it overcomes your own fears (insecurities), it redefines past for a healthy present .. Only if YOU allowed.


Mohammed J. said...

very true
you live, you learn though.

here's a song to straighten up your mood:


have a pretty day

Mohammed J. said...

you are welcome :)
and you are beautiful