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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Float on the wave of the universe .. Float on the wave of this instance of now .. Let things and changes flow their own pace. Accept them with an open heart and a mind of tolerance for its a land of endless OPPORTUNITIES, endless amusements and explorations of self and other selves and the atom bits of living.
Smile or help a child.
Be a SUN of feelings .. Always radiating warmth of sincerety.
Be a thoughtful moon and walk minds to light.
Help for another's happyness.

Darling, I'd take the sea to Italy.


Nahla said...

this is so you :)
love it

Sara said...

oh my God I LOVE THIS!! So inspiring and just aww!

Barry said...

Here through Sara's blog.

Wow, this is beautiful Dinah!

Mohammed J. said...

you are beauty

robyn adams said...

I like this a lot!!! haha, so nice. It is a land of endless opportunities.