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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Friday, May 28, 2010 at 2:19pm

I wish I lived in heaven with god and angels. People of earth are evil and arrogant and selfish and sinfully ungrateful to the creator to God. I want to recite the Koran verses every possible where for minds to wake understand and prosper (yes it ascends in that order), for people to repent their reckless sins and for souls to relish submission.
I want things to be back into their primordial and factual order.

I've always wondered the human's tyranny on an earth he didn't make or in perkiness of a self of his he didn't create or how he forgets that he's nothing and totally nothing before his creator or how he is dwelling in greed and unsatisfaction. And I've also wondered why people are so stupid to astray, When God's bestowed upon them the path of certainty and righteous in life and the hereafter when he rifled safety compassion and mercy on his believers...
Why unthankful, when they belong to God when his greatness does the ultimate best for them and basks them in his lenience and blessings (and btw pessimism is a sin too.)

I am tired from reading ingratitude in people's lives. I am ponderous from people's undefined structures for the standards in their lives a thing which is more likely a hassle of their creation and which they led themselves into by deflecting into their desires and lusts forgetting their lord's bindings, bindings that by many ways were put for their good. I am jaded from endless slumbers of minds when God's revelations are in the being of everything. And yet there are those who don't believe or even worse, fight his path.

I am a human, and I am flawed like everybody else is, but I also believe in moral transcendence and soul cleansing and for that I seized every chance to purify my heart and intentions I also believe we can be no angels but we can approach their pureness and fight evilness in us.

-I shared this before on the blue book... and here it is again to my blog.
I promised today I will write more and more :)

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robyn adams said...

This is very interesting!