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Sunday, 9 May 2010

It always pays off fruitfully. We all lost someone or something very dear to us due this very journey of ours, it overwhelms us, drains lives out of us and hurts us profoundly, but it pays off beautifully, it makes your soul grow fonder. I have dealt with the loss of someone I really loved a year ago, it was quite an experience, I have had a lot of pain in believing that people actually leeeave but I also have changed a lot since then. For the better.

I assure you, this never ends. And you just can never help it.

I have always wondered why she is so wise ‘til I came familiar with her father’s death incidence. She is the calmest of us all yet very wise and with a kind soul. The most compassionate loving caring and understanding souls I have ever known had dealt with extravagant pain from losing someone at least once in their lifetime.

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