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Monday, 26 April 2010

So, are you with us?

Along my way I was nothing but revolutionary, since two years ago I was rebellion, a rebel on so many things among this country and its norms and traditions, a thing which might have come with the teenage territory but as I approached soberness of brain faculties my rebellious rants had diminished bit by bit and for which I am surprised when seeing some society’s influentials actually fight in abhorring or even revolting our culture rather than adopting it.

Still, I am her; I am the argute that ever was eleven years ago and I grew up prospecting my religion as I acknowledged it for certainties and wisdoms. It was my refuge and sustenance to encounter the dailyness of life. And as time went by, I found my own skin and landed safely with my minds in this very culture of ours Thereafter, I decided to invest whatever that is I have to enlighten and enrich and rise with my culture back on the top again for I knew it for real that we are going to conquer the world again and am holding on to it. Better yet, I touched this in my own generation.

I and so many minds of my age are striving difference and luster we are seeking glory and on the grounds and concretes of our religion and our culture, we are confused. Sometimes. We admit. But we believe we will make a better generation than our near ancestors -our parents and grandparents- are, we have the morals of good people. That I protest with feverishness anyone saying otherwise. I will not argue you here about a majority but rather about our elite. I saw people of my age who talk and write with dilation in Arabic although they practice other foreign languages so very well. I witnessed numerous minds and also of my age memorizing Koran verses and are not just reciting it perfectly but also are applying its miraculous revelations on their lives and towards better lives. I have touched beautiful souls and became familiar with the fact that we have understanding and respect to the world’s different cultures yet we are preserving our own Islamic and Arabian identity. I have seen hard working a lot of time. I have seen creativity that has that glimpse of us, of Arabs; I have seen willingness and readiness to adopt our culture and also our language.

I have seen hope and realized I am not Alone!


marooned84 said...

I really hope you're right. I really hope we'll find channels to express ourselves and make the change happen. There will be blood, though. Such a state as we have can't be changed without bloody struggles. Let's hope there will be those who are brave enough not to run.

Spark said...

I strongly believe that victory is approaching
keep the high faith :)