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Monday, 26 April 2010

Let them be...

I have never thought that abortion would intrigue my brains and tackle my words to write about in such an age I am twenty years old and be as certain as you can be at your best that I definitely don’t know how life would be like for me one year ahead or three or four or five and be as certain as you can be that I also will never know what it is like being you.

I don't know how you live with your counterpart or how your marriage is on a stake and that things don’t seem so promising or some sort of blurry or how he treats you badly or how your financial position can never handle another baby or how you are still getting used to independency and you do think in your own mind that you cannot take such a responsibility. But also be certain with all the power of your minds that I don’t give a fuck for your reasons since YOU are now having a BABY; you are now having a beautiful soul growing with you and inside you, who feeds with you and being protected by you, someone sleeps and wakes up harmonizing with your heart beats and who’s getting to know you day by day and is waiting to see you, someone who’s waiting to have his/her shot in this life because he/she wants to be here. Someone who is a miracle and a creation of the divine with a right to live… and YOU have no right to choose for them or to strip them off their endless options.

I couldn’t help the tears bedimming my eyes watching a scene from the ‘blame’ movie when they were carrying away the three months fetus and the nurse told her doctor he’s complete he’s almost a human then in bewilderment she asked what shall they do with him, the doctor said; get rid of him, and she flushed him next! How cruel and so inhuman could that be? How could any mother or any woman tolerate destining her baby’s-not so complete- organs into the flush, this little plot of blood with little hands and little eyes and ears he had pieces…

Little pieces of him were growing,

Then. she decided to end his process!

And why? Why on the humanity of earth?!!!

All the reasons stand vacuous in pleading for taming a soul.

This is killing. You are killing. You are killing your own child for nonsense bullshit reasons. It’s a deed of crime, crime against humanity and against motherhood. And if ever I was gifted with a baby, I will be proudly holding them as each day in pregnancy goes by I will let them biggen my stomach as much as they like to be encompassed ‘til they kick it, and when they do (I imagine Hamza will be my eldest) I’ll behold them in awe and tell them how brave we were to make this through together. I will...

Just let them be.

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