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Thursday, 15 April 2010

I have just realized that the human's vitalest accomplishment through this life, is finding his/her other person.
the person who fulfills all of your criteria. the one who meets all expectations, who challenges you... or even dares you.
because as far as we establish careerism, the emptiness of life wouldn't fade 'til you meet up with (him)/her.

yes, it is the vitalest. in deed!
A vital necessity that would overwhelm your whole being, the moment you two come together. in an unspeakable way. that would let your whole senses awaken to the fact that it was all worth it; all the waiting the disappointment you have endured in the -before them- attempts...

linger at this moment,,,
you deserve it,
or I deserve it. and so I will wait...
Still, I believe that love doesn't always meet idealism, Love might sprung between the very different spouses I saw it before my eyes, and I thought they would never make it but I also have seen it working. at its best, with believing and perseverance.
at times, love comes with years, and when it does it comes strong and compassionate.

I have never doubted love for its my beautifulest disaster. and so I will wait.

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