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Friday, 2 October 2009

He...Brave? Smart?

Yesterday, I received a plethora feedback on one of my writings that conducted my anger to our government and how the poor is hammered down into injustice which combats cogitation and thinking. But what was surprising about my readers' responses was how they got clung to the few lines I wrote about my personal life specifically my choice for the man to share my life with, I claimed in my article that I don't want to marry an Egyptian man for he failed covering my scale of criteria, some of my male readers were provoked and instead of feeling offended they began attacking me. Personally!

I believe that Adam is Adam wherever he is; the man of Britain is exactly the man of Egypt, the man of United States of America is the same exact man god had created in Saudi Arabia, they are all men, were first born babies then children of sponge brains that absorb instinct perceptions and standards from their community, then comes the threshold of manhood where they began to update their realization to women.

For me, the nationality or the land doesn't differ; it is neutral in my scale but what matters to me is how he perceives his woman?

  • Does he compass the value of his woman- as his complementary half?
  • Does he understand her individuality and respect it and encourage her intellectuality?
  • Does he appreciate her vulnerability and never take advantage of it?
  • Does he know that potency means mercy and compassion and understanding?
  • What about his perception towards the term patronage?
  • Is he aware that patronage means guidance and her comfort and velvet in his mind heart and home? And not clutching her aspirations her voice and her existence to submit to his tyranny?
  • Does he acknowledge that trusteeship means containment and not submission?
  • Is he smart?
Who knows that he can smooth her anxiety anger and disappointment by expressing a slight sense of gratitude and sorry?
  • Is he a femme-genius?
Who knows that she can submit to him through consolidating her?And who knows how to make her beautiful even when she looks like a shaggy doll?
  • Does he understand that the containment is even much more gallant than sharing?
  • Does he know that virility means adequacy of beliefs transcendence in morals and eloquence of tongues?
  • Is he brave?
  • Is he open minded enough to contain her mavericks and guide them to the righteous?
  • Will she be his god's blessing to him that needs his full time care and protection?
  • Will she be his god's blessing to him that needs appreciation for her rule maintain his offspring and offering him pleasures of attachment?
  • Does he glorify her motherhood which opened to him the gate to experience fatherhood with all of its feelings and worries?
  • Is he committed to the marriage moral obligations?

Marriage moral obligations?

Yes; obligations that are concerned with nobleness in fulfilling her feelings of safeness and dignity, not just fulfilling her materialistic demands.

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