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Tuesday, 29 September 2009


In my previous article about women in Egypt, I tried my potentials out to hint for the pride and its importance; I shed some points concerning how the woman's pride may lead her to the ultimate happiness or the absolute opposite-misery in her relationship. I believe that when a woman perch the pride in her soul, we can shrink the over supply in women and lack of demand from their men, the taboo which had already smudged an awful impact on our society in a big scale and on the Egyptian female's flaws in a smaller yet often prior scale.

Due my scrutinizing in the norms and nature of relationships between boys and girls today and the complaints I receive from my women kind like on daily basis about how their men tutor their feelings mutilate their need for safeness and turn deaf ears to their demands, I could clearly educe how far men had reached in abstain to mislabel the women's need for shelter and attachment with wantonness and whoredom. And to be honest I am not here victimizing women at all and I am not by any mean trying to take the servility off the shoulders of men either, But apart from the complex accumulation of sick culture beliefs which our men inherit generation after generation still with the persistence to fit in with openness and modernness w di liwa7do balwa tab3un, I believe that women too contributed to the indolence they suffer from their spouses...

It's well known since the old of time, that men like to hunt, it's in every male-being genes to seek and run over his target, I am not specifying it here about just his opposite sex but it transfigures in his work too, every Tarzan is god's chosen gender to leave the dormancy and astray in lands to bring at the end of the day food and drink to his jenny or in more advanced compound to fulfill his woman's demands while getting fueled with her appreciation and contentedness on what he had offered her. Hence on applying this on today's relationships, I can explain the irreverence from his side to what she offers and I think we can dictate the answers to these questions;
What happens when she initiates the trust love and satisfaction even before he exerts efforts to win them over?
What happens when she's a gardel rushing and developing feelings on anticipation for a harmony? Or when she unfolds herself even if he didn't ask for it? Or when she accepts his deformities and delinquency in fear of living alone? Or when she's disappointed yet persisting?

Surely her man will take her for granted rest his butt then begin to lose interest in her, did I hit a nerve? For him, she was an easy prey, a prey he didn't make efforts to have and most probably would take him less efforts to dump ditch and BURN!

Have some pride…preserve yourself value yourself, you and every woman is god's gratuity to her man yes we are their conferment so please never settle for less than what you really deserve.

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very insightful