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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

that's where feminists begin...

Today's afternoon, I had one of my regular heated discussions with my mom, and despite me always trying to afar her own preaching religious ordeal whenever we tackle an issue, she idlessly insists to invade my ideology or my new born ideology for feminism and women's rights grumbling that she tries to protect me from the outcast of my eccentric conceptions when exposed to our society, she even once begged me to drift away from this hassle. She says that my divined message in earth is to produce babies and then fabric them right to raise a new optimized era of good men and women, she also says everything I'll be doing other than that, is nothing but a secondary priority to my fertile and erotic feminine part of me. Yet having accepted her intuition especially that she smartly paved it with living examples from my own family tree I can tell that I am not getting the support I need for my maverick ambitions in resetting the minds of the upcoming mothers on not becoming their husbands' slaves, not from my home of men nor from a friend.

However I construct my fort's empowerment when I see people conspire to kill my thoughts acolytes, and my shaman shows at his best when the objection squalls try to mute my very weak voice for women's equality because I am in well aware that my cause stands against dynamic inheritance for sick culture beliefs. Yet,I've never opposed god's gender orientation, and I've never adopted the woman's ultimate independence theory either and again I've never argued Dr. Nick Neave's "Sorry but women are dependent on men" theories when he stated:

"Women in the 21st century may boast that they are truly independent for the first time in our social history. They may tell themselves and each other that they don't need a man. They can even start a family on their own thanks to IVF techniques. But, while feminists may argue this proves women have finally kicked off the shackles of dependence on men, I'm afraid they're wrong." And again he said, "Females are smaller and weaker than males quite simply, women are preprogrammed to feel dependent on men. Even today women may be richer and enjoy all the trappings of success but, deep down in their psyche, they fear they can't survive alone"

On the contrary, I strongly agree with him, it is often my first time to witness a man talks that eloquently about the women's nature without any tampering or biasing to his male kind, and I've never found a better condonation for my hideous crave to contact my ex to get his support every now and then nor for my the tears that bedim my eyes whenever I encounter anything new at work and stay up late shivering from being alone without him...

But if I am going to have a tilt with Dr. Neave I would tell him; how about men who turned their women into sex machines, how about men who cheat, how about men who betray our trust and disobey their promises to us, how about men who take advantage of our vulnerability and play sport on our emotions, how about him who deceivingly safen her 'til he strips her off her virginity and then leaves her for she's no longer clean to become his wife, how about brittling her intelligence to boost his ego, how about men who trample rights and abuse/beat/insult under the brand name of submission, Where are men of virtue, of nobleness, and gallant where's the century of men, of true men?

Maybe that's why I turned to a feminist, maybe that's the reason why us-women- can no longer depend on men and so we unshackled their prisons, and finally maybe men too are responsible for marginalizing their beings in our lives!


magnoliaamber said...
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magnoliaamber said...

However, I don't think I want to be a feminine as a man I think is a unique species to be a good companion. Like I observe them as one of the interesting species in biology;)
I love your reason and your vocab is superb!

beverley said...

This was an excellent post, very well written and thorough.

Indy said...

Your blog is very inspiring! Great thoughts!